Sherlock Holmes by Valu


This british man is Sherlock Holmes, he was born the six of january of 1854. He is a fiction character in a book from which there were made a movie and a serie. He is very famous because of his habilities as Consulting detective; intelligence, deductive reasoning and observation. You won’t believe me but he is also a specialist in chemestry and music.

In this picture, he is wearing, as always, a glen plaid inverness cape, a deerstalker from the same design as the inverness cape, a tie, we can’t see it but he should be wearing a collared shirt. He is using a magnifying glass and smoking a pipe. He is dressed like this because this is his ussual outfit when he has to solve a case.



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  1. mariaaragone dijo:

    Great work Valu!!!!!! There are some grammar mistakes, but it shows you took your time to do it!!! Congratulations!!!

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