Lending Library: A Christmas Carol

Imagine the ghosts of the present, past and future Christmas came to visit you. Where would they take you and which lesson would they choose to teach you? Explain.

One Christmas I was celebrating with my family, like every Christmas. But suddently, I saw something strange. It was like a ghost.

I followed the ghost and suddently I saw everything black. I didn’t understand what was happenning… Suddently, I started to see.. It was something very strange.. I was in a house with people very very poor.. They were all in very bad conditions… They hadn’t food.. They weren’t celebrating Christmas… So I decided to go to buy them something to eat so they could celebrate Christmas in family… When I came back, I started to give them some food, and inmidiatly their faces of sadness were faces of happiness…

Then, the ghost thanks me and it took me back home.. Fron that day I understand the importance of help..


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  1. Agustina Urdampilleta dijo:

    Careful with the spelling of:
    SUDDENLY (no “t”)
    HAPPENING (only one “n”)

    You need a Relative Pronoun+ Verb here: “…with people WHO WERE very very poor.”

    The verb is to have GOT: “They hadn’t GOT (ANY) food.”

    Don’t mix tenses, Simple Present or Simple Past?: “Then, the ghost thanks me and it took me back home.”

    “The importance of helpING”.


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