Lending Librarym : 39 Steps. By Toto

Task: Imagine that you are Hannay. You have just returned home and you have to explain briefly to your servant Paddock why you left the flat with a dead body inside.

After all what happened with the murder of Karolides and Scudder and also when the black stone escaped decided to stay in my house. Then I remembered that I leave the dead body to Paddock in the middle of the floor of my house. I had to tell the whole story so he would  believe  me. So I went to my house and peaceful and try to and enter the house. Then he started yelling me murderer and tried to get away from my then told him to stop and I started to tell what happened. At first he did not believe me at all but then I started thinking and I showed him the book Scudder and all the notes and he started to believe the story. When I finish the story and I believed I could be relaxed in my house and sleep because I was exhausted after all what happened.

155 Words

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