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This is one of my best friends, Oli. She is blonde, she has brown eyes and we can say she is tall and has white skin.  My point is that she is a nice girl she will find a boyfriend soon. Her parents are separated and diplomats, she has two brothers. We know each other since kinder 5 because we were school mates, but she went to live to Belgium in junior 3. At first, we talked by skype or mail, but now by messenger. She came to visit us  twice, the first time we had a sleepover with some girls and the second one we were not very lucky… While se was coming I was leaving but at least that time we met once at home.

Now I will talk about a friend of my country, where we met each other, Cata. She has brown hair, eyes and skin. She has two sisters and her dad works at a bank in USA he was transfered from Argentina. Now she speaks like as if she was born there, we don’t speak since she left, exept when she came here and we met.

Maggie, is my best friend. She has short straight brown hair, brown eyes and skin. She is very funny and if you know her well  she will not be shy anymore and will  start being confident. She is a very nice girl so I think she will be called girlfriend by someone. She has 3 brothers of different ages and her parents are not separated. We know each other since K2 and we are best friends from that on. She did not change of country but she changed school, that can be a little thing for you but for my is a BIG and sad thing. Now she is in San Martin de Tours and we chat by snapchat, instagram or better… FACE TO FACE.

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  1. Agustina Urdampilleta dijo:

    Cause-effect: “My point is that she is a nice girl, SO she will find a boyfriend soon.”

    Careful, this is a relative clause in which you need the relative pronoun WHERE: “…her dad works at a bank in USA WHERE he was transfered from Argentina.”

    I’d suggest you use the expression PALE COMPLEXION instead of “white skin”.

    “…we are best friends from that on.” : …we are best friends SINCE THEN.


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