Lending Library: The Turn of the Screw

After Flora left Bly, Miles started to act strangely. First, all the nights before going to sleep he talked a lot. Then he started saying odd things during the day and treating me rudely. I thought at first that he missed Flora a lot, but then I suspected that maybe he had connections with Peter Quint. Two weeks later Miles started to shout at me. I talked to Miles a lot but he didn´t  pay attention to me. I thought that I had lost him. Finally Flora returned to Bly and hugged me. She said Miss Jessel was wrong: Jessel had said that I was a bad person but Flora didn´t believe her. I was really happy. But now Miles wanted to leave Bly. Many weeks later, after me, Flora and Mrs. Grose asked Miles why he wanted to leave he confessed the truth: He was in love for the first time with one girl and that’s why he felt nervous and strange. Miles wanted to go and live with that girl!


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  1. Lucy dijo:

    When Flora left Bly,Miles was quite restless,he often said he was really confused but he didn’t know why.Miles was feeling really weird, he sometimes told me to leave him alone,i started thinking,i thought it was something that Mr.Quint was doing to the boy.But one day i told him:
    “Hey Miles,are you feeling alright?Do you want me to leave you alone?”
    He said,it was a resounding “No” and i started to feel a little worried..
    “So,you don’t want me to leave you alone?Or you aren’t feeling alright?”
    “I don’t know”
    He replied.
    “How can young know,Miles,please tell me whats wrong.I will listen.”
    He did not say anything,so i though we could go camping and stay away from the darkness that was in the house.
    When we were there camping,i was reading book about little boys (i thought i could informate myself about what was happening to Miles)he was saying not even one word,and not even one sight.But then!I found a page that was talking about what happened to boys of Miles’s age and it said all that was happening to Miles,so i knew,he was just growing up.

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