Oliver Twist by Agus

Imagine you are Oliver and you keep a diary of your life. Choose one of the many things that happened to you and write it down in your diary.

Dear diary,

Today I learnt a lot about dinosaurs, let me tell you why, I was walking with Bill and we entered to the Natural Science Museum of London. But then, Bill disapeared, I was alone in the giant museum.

I started to run and run but I didn´t found the exit, So I was desesperate and I didn´t know what to do, so I started to look to the extinct dinosaurs and I was surprised about the dinosaurs that were in earth.

At last I found an exposition about Eskimos and I stayed in the iglú that was there in the exposition, it was quite small but I slept there, when I woke up I found a map about the museum so I could got out.

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  1. Agustina Urdampilleta dijo:

    Careful with the Simple Past tense in the negative: didn’t + INFINITIVE

    Careful with the phrasal verb LOOK FOR sth. (not “Look to”)

    Avoid using so many comas. Make shorter sentences.


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