Lending Library: A picture to remember

Breaking News:

Two bank robbers called Roberto and Carlos Bocuzzi tried to kill Mrs Cristina Rinaldi because she saw their faces.

When she was riding a motorbike in the traffic Cristina saw two robbers with a gun and then a car crashed into Cristina’s bike and shefell down and hit her head because she wasn’t using a helmet. Then she didn’t remember the accident and Carlos and Roberto Bocuzzi thought that she would remember their faces and they wanted to kill her. But they failed terribly. And Cristina, her friends and the police caught the robbers and took them into prison. Cristina wasn’t afraid anymore. She had only suffered an unlucky accident.

Now for the next news….

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  1. Agustina Urdampilleta dijo:

    Correct expressions: “To PUT somebody in prison”, “To be sent to prison”. / “On to the next news…”

    Fermìn, you need to work on the structure of your text using commas and connectors to better organize the succession of events!

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