Martin Luther: a poem

Take a look at this webpage:


Read the introduction and the poem.

Find evidence in the poem in connection to what we read about Martin Luther and Reformation.

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2 respuestas a Martin Luther: a poem

  1. vpernarcic dijo:

    It names Writtenburg, that is the university where Martin Luther thought and began his protestant.
    Martin Luther convinced lot of people to be protestants so the catholic church gave up and it started the reformation.

  2. Valu, Lucy y Sofi dijo:

    -It names Wittenburg, the university where Martin Luther taught and started his protest. -““buy salvation” men were told!” here “buy salvation” refers to indulgencies.
    – “Pope and priest did wish him ill” because Luther was like a threat to the Church.
    – “But Luther’s mouth could not be shut, his pen and ink cried out with much” because he kept on criticising.
    -“He taught and preached for years to come, Reformation had begun” we read that Martin convinced a lot of people to be protestants like him, so the Catholic Church gave up and started a Reformation so the people returned to the Church.

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