Lending Library- Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. By Paloma

Imagine you are Mr Utterson. Write a letter to the police telling the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Dear police,

I wanted to tell you how really Mr Hyde was, he wasn´t just a murderer, he was more, and this is his store.  All this started with Dr Jekyll he  believed that people had two sides, the bad and the good, he started experimenting with himself to try to separate the evil part of his body. Then he created a potion that did just that, but it did not turned out the way it should had because when he drank it, he turned into Mr Hyde. Jekyll became obsessed with Mr Hyde so he kept drinking the potion but he realized that if he was Mr Hyde he would get hanged so he tried to stop himself of becoming his creation but he couldn’t. In the end he decided to kill himself.

I apologize, Mr Utterson.


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