The Turn Of The Screw By: Toto

Using the information in the book provide a twist in the story. Change the ending in a radical yet accountable way.

After we cross the river we saw the boat of flora and then we find her behind the boat. She was talking to Miss Jessel so we hid while listening to the conversation. They were talking about escaping so I ask Mrs Grose if she can take care about Miles and Flora while I talk with Miss Jessel. So Mrs Grose took Flora to a safe place while I was talking to Jessel but when Mrs Grose took Flora, Jessel dissapeared. We went back to the house and I start talking with Flora. She said she was afraid of Miss Jessel and that she was torturing her. So I sent Flora and Mrs Grose with Flora´s Uncle and I stay in Bly with Miles. For one month Peter Quint didn´t appeared but one day I heared a yell. I went down stairs and I saw Peter Quint with Miles. So I grab a Knife and I stabbed it in the chest of Peter Quint. Then Miles gave me a hug and he said: You save my life, you are a hero. So we went to his Uncle house. We were happy and this is the end.


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