Logan´s Choice By Javi.

Jenny Logan and Tam McDonald entered into Deacon Brodie´s, a famous old pub on the High Street. They started to talk about who was the murderer.

-Hi Jenny! Is nice to see you again! Have you discovered who the murderer was?What do you know about it?

-Yes Tam, I have great news! With the help of my mate, Grant, I have discovered who was the murderer. I think it is very good information for you.

-Perfect! And who was it? I have a lot of intrigue!

-My options were or Ian Ross,the best friend of Alex Maclennan or Donald Johnstone, the brother of Alice Maclennan. Ross because he wanted more money and Alex always said that won´t give him more money, so Ross started to hate him. And Johnstone because he once killed one person so he was able to kill another one and also he was poor. I also thought that could be Alice because she would gain a lot of money of the restaurant, but she was not.

-I also thought that Alice could not be. So who of them was it?

-It was Ian, he told us all the information we needed. He was in love with Alice, but Alex started again to love her so Ross started to be jealous, and killed him. Ian at the moment is in jail and will not leave for a long time.

-Thank you for all the information. It is very useful for me.

-You are welcome Tam! It´s great the information is good for you!



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