Oliver Twist by Fermín

Task:Imagine you are Oliver and you keep a diary of your life. Choose one of the many things that happened to you and write it down in your diary.

Dear diary,

Until now I was treated badly, people in my other homes hit me and gave me very little food, but today something incredible has happened: I have finally and luckily found a good house where to stay. This house has a beautiful garden and some nice paintings. In this house I can eat and sleep well. Here I love to work as a servant. My masters who´ve taken care of me when I was ill are called Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Bedwin.

While I was talking with Mr. Brownlow this morning a friend of his rang the doorbell and entered the house. He is called Mr. Grimwig. Some hours later Mr. Brownlow sent me to return some books and some cash. He really trusts me. Mr Grimwig thought that I wasn´t going to return home because he thought that a street child with five pounds and great books would steal all of it.

Of course I was going to return but when I was going to hand over the books suddenly Fagin and his friends found me and took me away with them. He wants me to work for him again! Of course I had to give him the money, but I kept the books. I´m planning to escape again but I think it will be very difficult with Fagin keeping an eye on me. It’s late and I´m very tired now, so I´m going to sleep. I hope tomorrow is a better day.



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