The Three Musketeers by Valu

Dear diary,

This afternoon, I left the French camp with the three mosketeers and D’Artagnan. We were going to have a picnic so we went ta hill to reach the top of the castle of La Rochelle, where a day before a battle was fought.  They had somethig to say to my master, and didn’t want anyone to hear it, mainly Cardinal spies.

When we arrived I started to serve the lunch and suddenly Aramis saw some English soldiers climbing up. But I did not care because the musketeers and D’ Artagnan defeated them.

After some minutes I saw around 20 soldiers running across the field towards the hill. I was loosing hope till Athos had the idea of pushing the wall and so that it burry them alive!  He said ”Push!” and all of us pushed with all our strengh, it had worked! After all that effoprt we felt relived and I relax while they talked about their things.


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