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The triangle of Trade

1- The products that were traded were sugar, slaves and molasses. 2- To West Indies, Africa and Europe (England) 3- Thirteen colonies: Fish, Whale oil, lumber, tobaco, meat, iron products, meat and flour. England and Europe: teas, spices, furniture, cloth, … Sigue leyendo

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The Rise of Napoleon by Clari, Lucy, Mora and Palo

The rise of napoleon palo from Pato_Ch We had to work about the life of Napoleon. It was very interesting!

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Through The Looking Glass by Paloma

Answer the final question in your book. Who dreamt it? Account for your answers. I think that the once who dreamt it was Alice, because when she came back to her house, she remembered all. I think that she dreamt … Sigue leyendo

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Lending Library- Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. By Paloma

Imagine you are Mr Utterson. Write a letter to the police telling the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Dear police, I wanted to tell you how really Mr Hyde was, he wasn´t just a murderer, he was more, … Sigue leyendo

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Video 2

El video se trata de que a Bart se le escapa su lagartiga, y se reproducen, se vuelve una plaga. Para matarlas, tran sapos, pero luego pasa lo mismo con estos, entonces, traen gorilas.   Clari y Palo

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Using the information in the book provide a twist in the story. Change the ending in a radical yet accountable way. When Mrs Grose and I arrived to the lake, we saw Flora. She was crying. I touch her, and … Sigue leyendo

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similies and metaphors by Clari and Palo

In class we made a video about similies and metaphores in songs! Hope you like it!   file:///C:/Users/gama/AppData/Local/Temp/chrome_drag192_6862/IMG_7012.MP4

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In history we read about some men that had some changing ideas. So we made a comic about a man trying to convence the King to make a change. Hope you like it!

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Lending Library: A Christmas Carol

Imagine the ghosts of the present, past and future Christmas came to visit you. Where would they take you and which lesson would they choose to teach you? Explain. One Christmas I was celebrating with my family, like every Christmas. … Sigue leyendo

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Observation Bunsen burner palo and sofi

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