Robinson Crusoe

My favorite book is Robinson Crusoe, the writer of the book is Daniel Defoe. I like it because is a story of a man who is trapped in a island, he has to survive alone but he met a fried that lived in that island that he was in a tribe but in the end they finally they escape. he story was fantastic because you see how a man survives in an island and then escape. i know that the autor was in prision because He write a pamphlet titled The Shortest Way with the Dissidents. In the pamphlet he parodied the Tories of the Church.

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¡Felices fiestas!

Queridos chicos:

Fue muy lindo compartir este año juntos. Descansen y disfruten mucho de estas tan merecidas vacaciones.

Éxitos en secundaria.

¡Muy felices fiestas!

Los queremos, Jose y Ele

Resultado de imagen para felices vacaciones gaturro

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Les deseamos lo mejor!

Preparamos esto especialmente para ustedes! Esperamos lo disfruten!

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Y finalmente…¡nos despedimos del laboratorio en primaria!

¡Llegó el último día de primaria!

Y no vamos a dejar de aprender …aunque ya en unas horas empiecen las vacaciones largas de verano que tanto esperaron…

Por eso hoy nos vamos a zambullir en un Cuaderno de Experimentos divertidos…

Cuaderno de Experimentos Divertidos para Primaria El Mago de la Ciencia

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Trabajo práctico de Ciencias Naturales – Movimiento

Trabajo práctico de Ciencias Naturales

Respondé las siguientes preguntas. Podés utilizar el anexo.

  1. ¿En qué se diferencia la rapidez de la velocidad?
  2. ¿Qué significa que un cuerpo cae en caída libre?
  3. ¿De qué depende que un objeto que cae lo haga con mayor o menor aceleración
  4. Supongan que están jugando al pool y mueven una bola que se detiene en medio de la mesa. ¿Por qué razón se detiene?
  5. Piensen un ejemplo (que no se encuentre en el anexo) para cada tipo de trayectoria.
  • Irregular:
  • Rectilínea:
  • Circular:
  • Elíptica:
  • Pendular:
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Y para irnos despidiendo del laboratorio de primaria…

¡Vamos a hacer masa!!


Y también seguimos jugando con el movimiento…

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Practice for the Exam


I share some links with you with exercises to practice for the exam!

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Gulliver’s Travels by marco

My favorite land that he has visited is Houyhnhnms. Houyhnhnms is my favorite land because it is so calm, nothing happens, there are no wars, no lies, just harmony between horses which in this case are more inteligente than humans. This horeses seme very bright because they share everything so they can maximise there happines between them and that way there isn’t any currency so there is no poor people. The only thing that didn’t like  about the land was the slavery thing.


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Lending Library:Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Agus

Imagine you are Mr Utterson. Write a letter to the police telling the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Dear police I wanted to tell you the strange case of  Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.

One day I was walking with a friend as ussually and we saw a door, my friend told me the terrorific story of the man who lived there it was from a man called mr hyde, he told me that this guy was a monster himself, so then I went to my ofice and started to check out some papers and I found a document from my friend Dr Jekyll that said ¨In the event of my death or disappearance, all of my possesions are to pass into hands of Mr Hyde ¨

Few months later an inspector came and told me that Hyde murdered an old man.We found the broke stick of Edward that said ¨To Henry for your friend Gabriel Utterson¨ We went to Hyde´s house to do a reasearch and we found the other part of the stick. Later I went to Dr Jekyll´s house and he told me that Hyde had disappeared.

Two months later I went to see Jekyll but his servant Poole said me that my friend was not avaible so I went to the backyard and called him shouting his name. He told me he was very ill so i went to go to see my other friend Lanyon. He was ill too. He told me that a  man was going to go to his house to drink a potion. The man who came was Edward. He drunk the potion and suddenly become to Henry.

I went Henry´s house. I demolished the door of his laboratory and Edward Hyde was on the floor. He had a letter saying that Hyde and Jekyll were the same person. I burnt the letter for no evidence.

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Lending Library: Dracula by Javi

Imagine you have been chosen to play the role of one of the main characters in Dracula. Who would you choose and why? Give reasons and account for your answer using information in the book.

If I had to be one of the characters of the story I would like to be Jonathan Harker. I choose him because I think he is a very important character in the story. In it he passes through a lot dangers with a lot of action, like in the part when he and his friends have to escape from the house Dracula was hidden because he was trying to kill them. Another part in which he passes through a lot of danger is when he is locked in count Dracula´s castle and he is trying to escape. I would also like to be him because in the story he is very brave.

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