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Leonardo Da Vinci

You have read a lot about Leonardo Da Vinci in class and now you are going to see a video to gather more information about this wonderful man. What calls your attention? Is there anything we have not read about … Sigue leyendo

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¡¡A jugar con decimales!!

juego 1: juego 2: juego 3: juego 4: test: juego 5: juego 6: juego 7:

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Through the looking glass mora

IAlice dreamed it, because all the book was about her and all the adventures where seen from her point of view. Also because at the end, Alice talks to her cat and says that the cat has “woken her up … Sigue leyendo

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The Discovery of the Americas and the impact on the native people

Take a look at this presentation and fill in the worksheet given. Effectsofeuropeansettlementinamericas 121215190710-phpapp02 (1) from Pato_Ch

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similies and metaphors by Clari and Palo

In class we made a video about similies and metaphores in songs! Hope you like it!   file:///C:/Users/gama/AppData/Local/Temp/chrome_drag192_6862/IMG_7012.MP4

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Warriors: as a child you would wait is a simili because has as-We are the Warriors to build this town is a methapor because didn´t have as. Pompei: In your pose as the dust settles around us is simili because … Sigue leyendo

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Panzas de Embarazada postizas en internet!   Aca les dejo 2 links en los que podemos ver que esta notcia no solo es real, si no, que es accesible para cualquier persona por solo $100-200!!

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Año de la Misericordia

Hola chicos!! Les quiero contar que este es el año litúrgico de la Misericordia…? Acá les dejo un video que explica un poco de qué se trata. (Lo hicieron en Chile, por eso habla de las puertas de ahí, pero … Sigue leyendo

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Sonnet 60 by Shakespeare

SONNET 60 Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore, So do our minutes hasten to their end; Each changing place with that which goes before, In sequent toil all forwards do contend. Nativity, once in the main of … Sigue leyendo

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Video of Metaphors & Similies, by Valu and Nina

In literature class, Pato gave us the task to make a video with showing songs that include similies or metaphors. Here you have it; video metaphors and similies from valentina pernarcic on Vimeo.  

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