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The Start Of The Revolution By Marco Fermin Conrado and Juan

This the the presentation that we did talking about the french revolution

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Teoría cinético molecular y estados de la materia

Ya hemos visto que todos los cuerpos que conocemos están formados por diferentes materiales… Y además, la materia está en diferentes estados de agregación ( en estado líquido, sólido o gaseoso), según cómo se comporten los átomos y las moléculas … Sigue leyendo

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Grandad’s Magic Gadget by conrado

I woke up early to went to school , i went to the bath to brush my teeth. Grandpa put a new door in the toilet, you have to say Open to open the door, CLOSE to close the door,LOCK … Sigue leyendo

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The Rise of Napoleon by Clari, Lucy, Mora and Palo

The rise of napoleon palo from Pato_Ch We had to work about the life of Napoleon. It was very interesting!

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Louis death presentation The activity was about doing a presentation about one term given by our teacher. Our presentation is about the execution of Louis XVI. By: Javi, Toto, Manolo and Gonza  

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The impacts of the French Revolution By Valu and Nina

In class Pat told us to read pages 51 and 52 and we had to made a presentation to present in front of the class. So, our topic was to talk about the impact of the French Revolution around the … Sigue leyendo

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Diario Las Cumbres

Diario 7mo Espectaculos de colegiolascumbres D medio ambiente de colegiolascumbres D novedades de colegiolascumbres D solidaridad de colegiolascumbres D turimo de colegiolascumbres D deportes de colegiolascumbres

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The turn of screw By Valu

After Mrs Grose left with Flora, Miles and I could be finally alone. My plan was going perfect, everything was in order and no one was suspecting about all this. The time had arrived, I had already done the hardest … Sigue leyendo

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Logan´s Choice By Javi.

Jenny Logan and Tam McDonald entered into Deacon Brodie´s, a famous old pub on the High Street. They started to talk about who was the murderer. -Hi Jenny! Is nice to see you again! Have you discovered who the murderer … Sigue leyendo

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Secret Garden, Manolo

Day 1 My back is a bit crooked. Day 50 I like how servants do what I want. Day 150 I’m tired of being like this, the only thing I can do is rest, cry, eat and sleep. Day 500 … Sigue leyendo

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