Lending Library:Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Agus

Imagine you are Mr Utterson. Write a letter to the police telling the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Dear police I wanted to tell you the strange case of  Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.

One day I was walking with a friend as ussually and we saw a door, my friend told me the terrorific story of the man who lived there it was from a man called mr hyde, he told me that this guy was a monster himself, so then I went to my ofice and started to check out some papers and I found a document from my friend Dr Jekyll that said ¨In the event of my death or disappearance, all of my possesions are to pass into hands of Mr Hyde ¨

Few months later an inspector came and told me that Hyde murdered an old man.We found the broke stick of Edward that said ¨To Henry for your friend Gabriel Utterson¨ We went to Hyde´s house to do a reasearch and we found the other part of the stick. Later I went to Dr Jekyll´s house and he told me that Hyde had disappeared.

Two months later I went to see Jekyll but his servant Poole said me that my friend was not avaible so I went to the backyard and called him shouting his name. He told me he was very ill so i went to go to see my other friend Lanyon. He was ill too. He told me that a  man was going to go to his house to drink a potion. The man who came was Edward. He drunk the potion and suddenly become to Henry.

I went Henry´s house. I demolished the door of his laboratory and Edward Hyde was on the floor. He had a letter saying that Hyde and Jekyll were the same person. I burnt the letter for no evidence.

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