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Robinson Crusoe

My favorite book is Robinson Crusoe, the writer of the book is Daniel Defoe. I like it because is a story of a man who is trapped in a island, he has to survive alone but he met a fried … Sigue leyendo

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Grandad’s Magic Gadget by conrado

I woke up early to went to school , i went to the bath to brush my teeth. Grandpa put a new door in the toilet, you have to say Open to open the door, CLOSE to close the door,LOCK … Sigue leyendo

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Los Simpsons ecosistemas

en la parte que vimos en el segundo vídeo lo que pasa es que, Bart suelta libre unas lagartijas que se reproducen y despoblan a las palomas, le preguntan a skinner que iban a hacer cundo se sobrepoble de lagartijas … Sigue leyendo

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Justice by Conrado

I think that justice was imparted in the finally because if Anna survived and went to  prison she was  only there for thirty years, another think is that they deserved died because they kill five people, they took Alan leg, … Sigue leyendo

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Warriors: as a child you would wait is a simili because has as-We are the Warriors to build this town is a methapor because didn´t have as. Pompei: In your pose as the dust settles around us is simili because … Sigue leyendo

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Robinson Crusoe by Conrado

July 12th 1660 I found a person, at least I found a human to talk. He talked very strange, but I will help him to talked in English, because he talked in an language that  I didn ´t know , … Sigue leyendo

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Población: Resumen páginas 1, 2 y 3

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Acrostic poem by Conrado

Frienship Fantastic Share Happines Respect Accommpany Goodness To transmit happiness Help Important Patient

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Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is actor,producer,director,singer,dancer and a magician. He was born in 1973, he is 42 years old. In the picture was wearing a suit,a tie and jeans because he was the host from the oscars in 2015.     … Sigue leyendo

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